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Home Team Ribble Loyalty Programme

Team Ribble Loyalty Programme

Join Team Ribble

We want to reward our customers – a little thank you for your loyalty, with our new Team Ribble loyalty programme.

Its simple and easy. No collecting points, vouchers or having to redeem codes. Instead, depending on how much you’ve spent over the past 365 days, qualifying customers will receive a set discount for an exclusive ’Silver’ or ’Gold customer price’. Your Team Ribble loyalty price will automatically be shown on items when logged into your account.

With the Team Ribble Loyalty Programme, customers that spend over $180 in a year will receive a ’Silver customer price’ offering 5% off List Price and those that’ve spent over $440 will get 15% off List Price as their Gold customer price.

Spend over $180

SILVER = 5% off

Spend over $440

GOLD = 15% off

Each order placed will build on your Team Ribble qualifying spend to help maintain your exclusive discount.

Within your My Account tab, you’ll be able to track how much you’ve spent, what your customer status is, as well as how close you are to reaching the next loyalty level for even greater discount.



    • How long does it take for my qualifying spend to update? Your total spend should be updated within 24 hours of your order being dispatched.
    • How do I check my qualifying spend total? Log in to My Account to see your spend total and Team Ribble status.
    • If I use my discount will the order value still contribute to my qualifying spend total? As long as the items are included in the qualifying purchases, the order value will be added to your Team Ribble total spend.
    • Why has my rewards total spend reduced? Your total spend is calculated on your purchases over the past 365 days. It will also reduce if you have returned and been refunded for a purchase.
    • How long does my Team Ribble loyalty discount last? As long as you have reached your qualifying spend total over the past 365 days your Team Ribble discount will be active.
    • Do I get my Team Ribble loyalty discount on sale items too? Yes. The List Price of all items will be deducted, unless the sale price is already lower than your Team Ribble discount price.

*List Price is based on GBP price and list price. Some products (including Bikes and Gift Vouchers) are not included.



  • Your Team Ribble loyalty discount only applies to the list price (List Price) of items. If the sale price of an item is lower than your Team Ribble discount price, no further discount will be added.
  • Your Team Ribble loyalty discount applies to everything except the purchase of bikes, gift vouchers and servicing packages.
  • Gift voucher purchases do not count towards your qualifying spend. But your gift vouchers can be spent whilst using your Team Ribble loyalty discount.
  • Postage costs do not contribute to your qualifying spend total.
  • You must be logged in or have created an account during the checkout process in order for your purchase amount to count towards your qualifying spend.
  • Unfortunately, as Cycle To Work purchases are technically made by your employer, HMRC regulations means any Cycle To Work purchases will not contribute towards your Team Ribble qualifying spend.
  • We have the right to change and/or remove this free benefit without warning or recompense.


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