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Ribble Hybrid AL

The Ribble Hybrid Road build is ideal for the city commuter or road focused leisure rider who is looking for a stylish, high quality, lightweight bike that offers speed, comfort and great handling in all weather conditions.

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Don’t want to build your own? No problem. Below are the most popular builds with other riders, ready to ride or change as you like.


The Ribble Hybrid Road build is ideal for the city commuter or road focused leisure rider who is looking for a stylish, high quality, lightweight bike that offers speed, comfort and great handling in all weather conditions.

The frames direct power transfer and high-end SRAM 1X transmission provides the efficient forward motion and the powerful hydraulic disc brakes take care of controlled stopping. Super smooth welds, high quality paint and a carefully considered finishing kit further add to the stylish looks.

Custom Colour

We create the bike, you decide the design. Be bold and bright or stealthy as you like. With millions of combinations, you can make a bike unique to you.

Just select customise after choosing your size.

Your Bike. Your Way

From the beautiful retro styling of the paintwork to the matching integrated handlebars and handlebar stem you can be sure that this bike will not only look stunning but will be comfortable to ride too.


One thing you can never be sure of is the weather. Hydraulic disc brakes are low maintenance and ensure you can have complete confidence that when you pull the lever the powerful brakes will bring you to a safe and controlled stop, even in the wettest of conditions.


With mudguard and rack mounts built into the frame you have the option to fit full coverage mudguards and carry luggage. Perfect for those longer days in the saddle.

Using our famous BikeBuilder, you'll be able to customise and accessorise your bike. So, changing your tyres and saddle preferences are a breeze.


To assist you in selecting the correct size simply find you height below. The graphic below illustrates our recommendations so you can be confident that the size you order will be correct.

5' 4" - 5' 7"
163cm - 170cm
5' 7" - 5' 10"
170cm - 178cm
5' 10" - 6' 1"
178cm - 185cm
6' 1" - 6' 4"
185cm - 193cm
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Sizing &
Ribble Hybrid AL
Size S M L XL
Rider Height 5'4 - 5'7
163cm - 170cm
5'7 - 5'10
170cm - 178cm
5'10 - 6'1
178cm - 185cm
6'1 - 6'4
185cm - 193cm
Stack (mm) 530 571 591 630
Reach (mm) 390 405 415 430
G - Seat tube c/t (mm) 410 450 490 540
B - Top Tube horizontal (mm) 552 585 600 634
E - Head Tube (mm) 122 165 190 230
A - Seat Angle 73° 72.5° 72.5° 72°
C - Head Angle 71° 71° 71° 71°
RC - Rear Centre RC (mm) 436 436 436 436
FC - Front Centre FC (mm) 608 637 654 682
WB - Wheelbase (mm) 1039 1068 1085 1113
F - BB Drop (mm) 50 50 50 50
Frequently Asked
Will this bike fit a bike carrier?

Yes, the bike can be fitted to all rear mounted carriers and roof mounted bike carriers.

Will I be able to fit a basket to the front?

Yes, a basket can be fitted to the handlebars.

Will my pannier bags fit?

Yes, the Hybrid pannier rack will accept any standard pannier bags.

What type of pump will I need?

By far the most common type of inner tube valve is the Presta high pressure and this is what you need for these bikes. There are a few options with pumps;

  • A mini pump – these small pumps are by far the most popular and can be attached to a bottle cage mount or if small enough can be carried in a cycling jersey pocket.
  • A frame fit pump – a long pump that is normally carried underneath the crossbar/top tube.
  • CO2 pump – a cartridge allows you to fill the tube almost instantaneously (though these are best utilised) as an emergency puncture repair option.
Is the bike supplied with pedals?

Yes, we supply the bikes with a pair of pedals but please note we cannot fit these prior to despatch.

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How heavy is the bike?

Weights will depend upon the build option that you choose and will range from 10.5kgs to 12kgs.

How do you adjust the saddle height?

You will need a 4mm allen key to loosen the seat collar and adjust the height. Instructions on how to do so are provided when the bike is shipped to you.

How do you take off the wheel?

These bikes have a thru-axle system so to remove the wheels you will need a 5mm allen key. Simply insert into the wheel axle and unscrew the axle and slide it out. (you will need to carry a 5mm allen key or preferably multi tool when out riding in case of puncture).

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Denis Goulden
Great bike to ride, light and responsive with precision steering and good braking capabilities. A quality product, ridden thirty plus miles up to now would have done a lot more were it not for foul weather !
James Smoker
Hard, Sturdy and comfortable. You can't ask for much more from a hardtail MTB to. Feel in love with it and looks better the more dirty she gets. Thank Bluewater Ribble for the help to set her up before I left.
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The Fixie is a familiar sight on City streets across the world, loved by couriers and commuters alike for their urban cool, speed and simplicity, the Fixie gets you from A to B quickly, in style and thanks to their simple design with very low maintenance. The Ribble 725s is our take on the Fixie and is reflective of our passion for cycling and our very high product expectations. We have designed and crafted a Fixie that is built around a hand-built Reynolds 725 frameset with a contemporary urban inspired geometry complete with a high-end specification to match such a premium frame.
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