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Ribble Gravel SL

All-out speed, agility and fun. Wherever your off-road rides may take you, the Gravel SL goes all-out with breath-taking performance and style. Its lightweight yet robust carbon monocoque construction and aero profile have been designed to carry speed over the most extreme trails and offer a planted feel on technical terrain.

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Satin Copper
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Don’t want to build your own? No problem. Below are the most popular builds with other riders, ready to ride or change as you like.

Gravel SL - Sport Gravel SL - Sport
GRX 600
  • Gravel SL Monocoque Carbon Frame
  • Shimano GRX RX600 1x11 Speed
  • LEVEL Gravel Alloy 650b Wheelset
  • LEVEL Gravel Riser Flared Alloy Handlebars
From: $4,161.77
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Gravel SL - Enthusiast Gravel SL - Enthusiast
GRX 810
  • Gravel SL Carbon Monocoque Frame
  • Shimano GRX RX810 1x11 Speed
  • LEVEL Gravel Alloy 650b Wheelset
  • LEVEL Gravel Riser Flared Alloy Handlebars
  • Best Availability
From: $5,029.16
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Gravel SL - Ekar Gravel SL - Ekar
Campagnolo Ekar 13 Speed
  • Gravel SL Carbon Monocoque Frame
  • Campagnolo EKAR 1x13 Speed
  • Hope 20FIVE-RS4 700C Wheelset
  • LEVEL 5 Carbon Integrated Flared Handlebars
From: $7,110.91
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Gravel SL - Pro Gravel SL - Pro
  • Gravel SL Carbon Monocoque Frame
  • Shimano GRX Di2 1x11 Speed
  • LEVEL DB Sport Carbon 650b Wheelset
  • LEVEL 5 Carbon Integrated Flared Handlebars
From: $7,284.39
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In your pursuit of Gravel KOM’s, the top of the leader board or the mud-caked finish line, accept no compromise. The Gravel SL is superlight, rugged, and stiff - owing much to our Endurance SL family of frames. Sharing the same advanced carbon monocoque construction and aero credentials. Make no mistake, the Gravel SL is unapologetic about its terrain-eating speed, pro-level performance, and go-anywhere attitude. It just begs to be ridden flat-out everywhere and delivers a fast, lively ride that enables you to bullet along gravel tracks and forest trails at eye-popping, ears-pinned speeds.


The Gravel SL is a pure gravel racer and is fully kitted out with everything that the gravel rider who loves the freedom of exploring without limits needs. Off-road optimised 1x gear systems, gravel-specific ergonomics and tyres to suit every type of gravel terrain give this bike the capability to take on the most epic of adventures. Designed to provide a wealth of luggage mounting options, the Gravel SL opens up the possibility for comfortably fast-paced bikepacking adventures and ensures that no matter how far you plan to go, nothing gets left behind.


The Gravel SL features the same advanced carbon construction that was developed for our Endurance SL high-performace road family of frames. A bespoke mixture of Toray T1000 & T800 carbon fibres are carefully layered to an exacting specification over an EPS inner core system for to ensure complete structural consistency of the fibres with no weak spots. A perfectly balanced geometry provides race-focused handling and acceleration whilst maintaining the same drag-efficient frame shapes and optimised power transfer as our flagship road racing superbike, the Endurance SL R Series.


Multiple frame mounts offer plenty of luggage carrying capacity for extreme bike packing adventures, big or small. This includes two sets of water bottle mounts inside the main triangle and extra sets situated underneath the downtube and on the top tube. There are rear rack mounts as well as 'Carryall' mounts on the front fork that allow the attachment of oversize cages for items such as dry bags, ground mats and sleeping bags.


Whether you prefer your tyres wide and aggressive or narrow and fast you can now have your cake and eat it. There’s huge clearance for 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm tyres and a wide selection of tyres with multiple tread patterns are available in BikeBuilder and offer the perfect solution for all types of gravel terrain.


Fully internal cable routing enhances those super sleek, smooth lines while keeping the cables protected from dirt and grime. This extends to the possibility of running Shimano Di2 electronic gear systems.


The Gravel SL is compatible with our latest integrated carbon handlebar system which includes gravel-specific ergonomics and takes cable integration to the next level. Featuring a full carbon monocoque construction, the stiff and super-strong LEVEL 5 handlebars offer clean, cable-free aesthetics and a significant drag reduction when compared to a standard handlebar and stem setup. The flared shape of the drops provides enhanced confidence and control on technical terrain with extra clearance for the installation of handlebar bags and seamless integration with LEVEL 5 out-front mounts.

Custom Colour

You decide the design, we create the bike. Be bold and bright or stealthy as you like. With millions of combinations, you can make a bike unique to you.

Just select customise after choosing your size.

Your Bike. Your Way
Gravel SL Frameset

Designed for the fastest of off-road adventures, the Gravel SL is the ideal choice for the gravel racer who wants it all, all-out speed, agility, and fun. It's lightweight yet robust Toray T1000/T800 carbon monocoque construction and aero credentials are designed to carry maximum speed over the most extreme trails and offer a planted feel on technical terrain.

Frameset includes:
  • Frame & Fork
  • Headset
  • Carbon Seat Post
  • Wedge Seat Clamp
  • Carbon Fork Expander
  • Thru-Axles
From: $2,426.98
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Gravel SL Frameset

To assist you in selecting the correct size simply find you height below. The graphic below illustrates our recommendations so you can be confident that the size you order will be correct.

5' 4" - 5' 7"
162cm - 170cm
5' 7" - 5' 9"
170cm - 175cm
5' 9" - 5' 11"
175cm - 180cm
5' 11" - 6' 1"
180cm - 185cm
6' 1" - 6' 4"
185cm - 194cm
View Full Sizing & Geometry
Sizing &
Ribble Gravel SL
Size XS S M L XL
Rider Height 5'4" - 5'7"
162 - 170cm
5'7" - 5'9"
170 - 175cm
5'9" - 5'11"
175 - 180cm
5'11" - 6'1"
180 - 185cm
6'1" - 6'4"
185 - 194cm
Wheel Size 650b / 700c 650b / 700c 650b / 700c 650b / 700c 650b / 700c
A - Seat Angle (mm) 74.5° 74° 73.5° 73° 72.5°
B - Top Tube (mm) 520 540 555 570 590
C - Head Angle (mm) 70.5° 71° 71.5° 72° 72°
D - Offset (mm) 50 50 50 50 50
E - Head Tube (mm) 130 140 155 180 200
F - BB Drop (mm) 69 69 69 69 69
G - Seat Tube (mm) 460 480 500 520 540
RC - Chainstay (mm) 435 435 435 435 435
FC - Front Centre(mm) 593 599 600.7 615.5 616
Reach (mm) 371 375 379 389 396
Stack (mm) 537 548.5 561 592 610.7
WB - Wheelbase (mm) 1019 1025 1025 1041 1054
Frequently Asked
How much does the Gravel SL weigh?

The Sport edition weighs 9.63kg, Enthusiast 9.59kg, Pro 9.09kg and EKAR is 8.75kg.

Should I choose the Gravel SL or CGR SL?

If you are torn between the two models and aren't sure which one will fulfil your cycling needs best, why not check out our CGR vs Gravel blog? In which we outline the key differences between the all-road capability of the CGR and off-road optimised Gravel range.

What is the warranty on the frame?

The frame has a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All other parts have the standard manufacturer's warranty.

Are the cables internally routed?

Yes, all the cables are routed internally, this extends to the capability to fit Shimano Di2 electronic systems.

What is the maximum width of tyre that can be fitted to the bike?

There is ample clearance for 650bx47mm or 700cx45mm tyres.

Is this bike supplied with a tubeless setup?

All bikes are supplied with inner tubes fitted as standard.

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Does it take mudguards?

Yes, a removable bridge is required to mount full coverage mudguards and is available separately.

How many bottle cage mounts are there?

Four, two are situated within the main triangle with extra sets on the underside of the downtube and on top of the top tube.

Can I fit a pannier rack?

Yes, the frame includes built-in mounts for the fitting of a rear pannier rack, plus carryall mounts on the front fork for attaching oversize cages that enable the carrying of bulky luggage such as ground sheets, sleeping bags, etc.

Is it Di2 compatible?

Yes, thanks to its fully internal cable routing, the frame is compatible with electronic gear systems.

What is the maximum rider weight?

We recommend a total rider and bike weight of 120kgs.

What type of bottom bracket does the frame require?

The Gravel SL takes a traditional 68mm British thread style of bottom bracket.

What size seat post does this bike require?

The Gravel SL comes complete with a D-Section truncated aerofoil seat post and wedge clamp system that is exclusive to our SL range of carbon bikes and offers enhanced aerodynamic efficiency.

Can I fit a dropper post?

Due to the aerodynamic shaping of the seat tube it is not possible to mount a dropper post.

What type of brakes fit this frame?

The frame is compatible with flat mount disc brakes.

Are the axles quick release or bolt thru?

The frame requires thru-axles of 100/120/M12*P1.5 front and 172/142/M12*P1.5 rear.

Is the bike supplied with pedals?

Due to the many different systems people use we do not supply pedals with bikes, but you can find a great selection of pedals here.

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The Passport Lug-Kage is a lightweight variation on a front fork carrier. It allows you to “Lug” such extra items as: a sleeping bag, an Airbed, a large tarpaulin roll, or a Thermos flask etc. on your expedition tourer.

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Frame bag

An original replacement front derailleur hanger to fit the Ribble Ultra TT series of bikes. Constructed from a strong, sturdy and reliable 6061-T6 alloy for added dependability.

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