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Home Powerbreathe Classic

Powerbreathe Classic

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    Exercising and strengthening the muscles we use to breathe in - the inspiratory muscles - can help boost performance.
    New research has shown that training these muscles can improve all-round fitness and even maximise the effectiveness of other muscles used in sport.

    Using the laboratory-proven Powerbreathe training system of 30 breaths twice a day, an athlete's strength and endurance will increase rapidly.

    Powerbreathe - an easy-to-use, drug-free, hand held device, has a controllable load for progressive training and is appropriate for athletes in all types of sports.

    Studies have shown that time trial performance improves in elite rowers (Voliantis et al., 2001a) and cyclists (Romer et al., 2001a) by as much as 4.6%. That slashes almost 3 minutes off a 40km cycling time trial, and gives a winning margin of more than 60m in a 2000m rowing race!

    Powerbreathe Classic is the result of intense research, trials and development by scientists at Birmingham and Loughborough Universities, and was launched in 2001.

    The Powerbreathe Sports Performance model has been designed for competitive sports people, such as marathon runners and athletes, by seriously boosting inspiratory muscle performance that in turn reduces breathlessness.

    - Enhances exercise performance
    - Strengthens breathing muscles
    - Proven drug-free results in 4 weeks

    During exercise, the amount of air travelling in and out of our lungs can increase over twenty-fold, whereas the heart increases its output by less than six-fold. Thus, the relative demands placed upon the respiratory pump are huge, which is why Powerbreathe is so beneficial to those involved in competitive sports, including:
    - Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, Walking
    - Rugby, Football
    - Rowing, Skiing, Mountaineering
    - Cricket, Squash, Hockey
    - Horse Riding
    -Scuba Diving, Free Diving

    The Powerbreathe Fitness model has been designed for anyone taking part in regular exercise, from walking the dog to fitness classes, and those wishing to improve their general fitness
    - Reduces breathlessness
    - Makes exercise feel easier
    - Proven drug-free results in 4 weeks

    Powerbreathe is also a useful aid in the training of diaphragmatic breathing and breathing control, making it ideal for:
    - Fitness Instructors
    - Musicians and Singers
    - Dancers and Stage Performers

    Due to hygiene concerns we are unable to accept returns on this item if the packaging has been opened.

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