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Home Components Wheels & Tyres Tyres Tubular Tyres Continental Tempo II Track Tubular

Continental Tempo II Track Tubular

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    Continental Tempo II Track Tubular The Continental Tempo II Tubular Track Tyre 2012 is equally at home on the boards of the velodrome and is recommended as the ideal tubular for the weekly track league due to it's lightweight, high pressure capacity and fine casing construction. On the road, we recommend the Tempo be only used for competition purposes to maintain sufficient service life. Top grade polyamide tubular - can be used on both track and road. Ideal for time trialling where it is currently used by international stars such as Team Columbia and the German track cycling team, along with many national time triallists including Nino Picolli. Handmade in Germany! Track tubular also used on-road for time trials on good road surfaces Capable of very high running pressures - up to 15 bar From 185g in weight, ideal for PB ride or just to lighten the bike Continental Tempo II Tubular Track Tyre 2012 Technologies: Black Chilli - Black Chili is the name for our latest tyre compound which hit the market in 2007 and has fast become a hit with cyclists across the world who have marvelled at its performance beneifits. The fact is that Black Chili will improve our tyres performance in all areas. We can even make a tyre to last longer, yet also grip better and roll faster! The figures are astounding; 26% lower rolling resistance, 30% higher grip, and even 5% longer mileage. Black Chili is only made at our factory in Korbach, Germany. No other tyre facility in the world has access to its secrets. Black Chlli is a new tread mixture, the result of the latest research from our polymer and raw material laboratories in Hanover, Germany. Continental AG refined newly developed synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber with powerful profile blends. These are 'nano' sized soot particles, who's surface properties are optimized for use in bicycle tyres. These smaller particles enable the tyre tread to deform around surface objects more quickly, improving grip. They also form a tighter bond with each other thus improving compound strength for improved tread life and less chance for lugs to rip and tear on our MTB tyres. The way in which these particles interact with each other also lowers rolling resistance. These new polymers and carbon fillers make Continental racing and mountain bike tyres the quickest and safest tyres in competition! Black Chilli - Compared to the previous leading Continental tyre compound, the Activated Silica (ASC) tyres, Black Chilli offers a 26% lower rolling resistance, a 30% increase in adhesion quality, and a 5% increase in tread life. For road racers and MTB trail riders, the speed and handling advantage is clearly noticeable! - Rec inflation pressure: 160psi - Max inflation pressure: 220psi (19mm), 170psi (22mm) - Weight: 200g (700x19mm), 220g (700x22mm)

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